Energy Audit

What is Energy Audit?
An energy audit is a process to evaluate where a building or plant its energy efficiency. Simply put, energy efficiency means using less energy without affecting any process. The audit will provide you with a complete electricity consumption and energy efficiency assessment.
You can obtain important information regarding your energy usage and maintenance practices. With this information, you can identify and correct any energy usage issues to cut electricity costs. It’s advisable to always undertake an energy audit before implementing a renewable energy system.

Why Is An Energy Audit Important?
Conducting an energy audit is to  identify any energy saving potential and continuing to be energy efficient by continuously employing new energy conservation improvements. Here’s a quick list of why an energy audit is important: 
  • An energy audit will identify energy-saving opportunities.
  • It will help you understand your energy usage and ways to use energy better.
  • An energy audit can identify safety concerns with electrical systems, wiring, and ventilation, thus making your home or business safer.
  • It will increase a building’s resale value.
  • An energy audit will help you identify how to reduce carbon monoxide production in the home or business. 
Chronology of Energy Audit