At Ultra Air, our in-house experts are trained just to help you identify this issue. We are able to perform an air audit on your compressed air systems to identify your usage profile as well as areas of inefficiency.
To ensure that we can deliver you an effective solution for your compressed air needs, Ultra Air has partnered with various reputable brands that have proven to deliver measurable results.
Equipment installation & commissioning, Breakdowns, Servicing & Overhauls, Compressor Rentals, Mechanical and Electrical Installation
Market Leader in Energy-Efficient Compressed Air Systems
As the market leader in providing energy-efficient air supply systems, we are not only able to create bespoke setups for your needs, but also audit, and improve your existing systems even further.
One Stop Solution
With a wide range of inventory and a competent engineering team, we are able to carry out any type of repairs, upgrades, maintenance, and installation of any type of equipment at your premises within a short time frame.
A Proven Track Record
Being in the air supply business since 2005, Ultra Air is no stranger to solving problems and developing new solutions to any air supply needs.