Two Stage Screw Type Compressor

When a two stage air compressor is operating at the low level, it uses less energy than the high level. Since it runs at the low level most of the time, it uses much less energy than a standard air compressor. Two stage air compressors perform less work to compress air to a given pressure, which means your operating costs are lower. We offer two stage air compressor range fro2m 75kW to 315kW.


  • Compact design for reduced floor space

  • Smooth, low vibration running (no foundations)

  • Lowest operating noise level

  • Continuous air supply (no pulsations)

  • Direct drive

  • Designed for continuous duty

  • Load-idling-operation or frequency controlled operation for variable delivery capacity

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Simple heat regeneration

  • Range of suitable collers available

  • Operation with bio-degradable and food-grade lubricants

  • Weaar-free compressor element

  • Expert advice and service throught a competent partner