PFC Oil Free High Pressure Air Piston Compressor

With a cast-iron frame, forged reciprocating components, and highly efficient self-lubricated PTFE piston rings, the PFC Oil Free High Pressure Air Piston Compressor is a workhorse that will deliver you solid operations 24x7, while needing very minimal maintenance annually.

Thanks to its in-built control systems and its Energy Saving Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), the compressor is operated at minimal stress on its components while monitoring its own functions, thereby extending its operating life cycle (and telling you when it finally needs maintenance!)

The most significant advantage of the built-in VFD is that it keeps the line pressure constant, adjusting the compressor’s speed as needed, which translates to up to 35% energy savings when compared to similarly rated compressors without VFD. Besides that, PFC only required motor service factor of 1.0.