Centrifugal Compressor

Turbo-Tech centrifugal air compressor covers a wide range of flow ranging from 20 m3/min to 1,200 m3/min, and the pressure is from 0.6Mpa to 3.6Mpa. The product is absolutely oil-free, featured with simple structure, easy installation and maintenance as well as low maintenance and operational costs. The product is widely used in several industrial fields including machinery, metallurgy, electronic power, medicine, packaging, chemicals, food, mining, textiles, transportation and so on.


  1. High reliability

    • Fewer moving parts, less downtime

    • Dynamically balanced rotor, ensure low vibration

    • High quality seals with zero leakage

  2. High efficiency

    • Engineered product, optimized aerodynamics design, parts and system.

    • Advanced impeller design, provide the highest efficiency and wider control range (40% of rated capacity can be lowered down without blow off)

  3. Lower consumption of energy

    • Impeller made by Titanium with low specific gravity (g/cm3) and high tensile strength (kg/mm2)

  4. Lower cost of maintenance

    • Horizontal gearbox and horizontal bearings

  5. Lower cost of investment

  6. Extremely convenient with lower cost installation

    • Modular design. Each module can be installed in a short time.