At Ultra Air, we bring you solutions that you can rely upon.

A Tradition of Delivering Cost Savings To You

Ultra Air was founded in 2005 as a contracting, engineering and trading company, specializing in industrial compressed air systems and its associated equipment. Throughout our brief history, we have continuously delivered millions of Ringgit worth of cost savings to our delighted customers, and proudly do so right up to this day..

No Effort Spared In Solving Your Worries

Our team of engineers are able to reduce every project’s cost and time by eliminating redundant design elements and project personnel. This method also ensures that the project teams that are assigned to your project from Day One will see to your project’s completion, and that your project is exactly as agreed and specified.

Only the Most Reliable Equipment For You

Being cost efficient is more than just planning efficiently. Complementing our experts and design solutions are the wide range of brands that we carry, which are known for their reliability and energy efficiency. Whether it is just replacing a faulty equipment, performing preventative maintenance and troubleshooting, or devising a turnkey solution for customized requirements, the team at Ultra Air hopes to be a part of your business’s efficient operations!


To be the most trusted and valuable engineering solution provider in Southeast Asia.


Energy Efficient, Quality, Trusted, Innovation


To deliver significant value to our customers through our engineering solutions and enable them to achieve significant energy efficiency improvements.